The art and science of Britishness (not feeling guilty)

It’s all very well setting up a B&B business but all of a sudden family and friends don’t know how to broach the subject of the cost of visiting. If we charge you to stay then we feel guilty; and if we let you stay for nothing then you feel guilty for occupying a room that we might otherwise have sold for the night and might be reluctant to come again.

In the absence of any ground-rules here are some thoughts:

If you are genuinely visiting us then you are always welcome and there will, of course, be no charge.

If you are staying with us because you know we are here but are actually coming to do something else then we should charge you ‘mates rates’, maybe 20% off our published rates.

If you visit at a busy time then the choice might be; ‘mates rates’ in one of the official en-suite guest rooms, or ‘free’ in one of our spare private bedrooms generally used by visiting family but with no en-suite facilities.

Whatever the situation, we always want to welcome our old friends, extended family, and their friends. Don’t be put off by British politeness and etiquette.